Rocky Goodwin @rockygoodwin

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11 May 2020

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Cv19 should not be a reason to not be as fashionable as one can be

06 May 2020

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07 Apr 2020

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Just had the best FaceTime with my beloved and wonderful God Children and their parents. They are all doing well and hunkered down at Their tropical 🌴 home. It really was a boost for their old UnkaROQ for sure!

22 Mar 2020

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21 Mar 2020

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21 Mar 2020

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Well. This shit is real AF. So much for it “ washing thru like a gentle breeze” Mr Trump. All my twisted sense of humor aside, everyone, be safe. That’s all for now as words escape me at this most insane place and time. God Bless.

20 Mar 2020

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My intrepid travelers , the boys and their super cool 😎 grandma were to be on a trip to Egypt for Spring Break and decided on a road trip instead to Memphis.

19 Mar 2020

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18 Mar 2020

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“ Jesus said he’s comin’ so I baked a cake 🍰! “

18 Mar 2020

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Well. Yesterday was 2nd Anniversary of legally wedded bliss and our 20th as a couple. We stayed home and cooked and drank wine. A lot of wine. God bless. Be thankful for what we all have and hunker down. 💋

18 Mar 2020

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It’s this season’s most exclusive home accessory

13 Mar 2020

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Will it get ya out of a traffic ticket tho ?

09 Mar 2020

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Nice party at HN !

08 Mar 2020

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Uncle Ben and mother 1964

05 Mar 2020