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Animation by @runwiththegoldenwolf. Is it time for a golf anime?

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Photo by @jennywangyz.

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POW! WOW! Hawaii celebrated its 10th anniversary in Hawai‘i in 2020. At this time, it surpassed a total of 50 festivals worldwide. Since its inception in 2010 in Hawai‘i, POW! WOW! has grown into a global network of artists and organizes gallery shows, lecture series, schools for art and music, mural projects, a large creative space named Lana Lane Studios, concerts, and live art installations across the globe. The Hawai‘i event which is the longest-standing annual POW! WOW! takes place during Valentine’s Day week in February in Kaka’ako, and brings over a hundred international and local artists together to create murals and other forms of art. Artists and musicians gathered to create all new murals and installations. Outside of murals, POW! WOW! produced two exhibitions curated by Thinkspace and Spoke Art, artist talks featuring world-renown artist Tristan Eaton, Matt Eaton, and Jay Howell, indoor soccer matches with Kicks to the Pitch and Paradise Soccer Club, break dancing battles with the Endless Summer Jam, the POW! WOW! School of Music and POW! WOW! School of Photography, as well as a concert finale block party alongside Honolulu Night Market. See all the action via this video that not only documents the 10th anniversary festival in Hawaii, but also the past decade of art in the streets. Video directed by Redefined Media.

29 May 2020

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New work by @joelrea.

29 May 2020

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“Magical Cat” by @_threadwood.

28 May 2020

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New work by @drewmerritt.

28 May 2020

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Animation by @rudo.co.

27 May 2020

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The work of @artofalexgross. Social distancing version.

27 May 2020

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A look back at the livestream for the first @toyotahi “In the Bed” interview series with @mrjasperwong and @amyluuwong. Watch it via the IGTV channel at @toyotahi. // #tacomatuesday #inthebed

27 May 2020

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A new film documenting @1up_crew_official by @selinamiles. Watch entire film via the link in her profile.

26 May 2020

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The work of Jacob Brostrup. He beautifully blurs the organic and domestic in his enchanting scenes of soaked floorboards and branches that jut from every corner. What could be a reason to phone a contractor in real life, the downed trees and pooling water in the artist’s oil paintings create a fictional universe in which nature and humanity exist simultaneously in the same space. Each artwork is filled with an incredible number of realistic details that pattern armchairs and provide moss its fuzzy texture. // Words and images via @colossal.

26 May 2020

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New work by @banksy.

26 May 2020

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New work by @ermsy. Exhibition opens on July 27th at @thinkspace_art.

25 May 2020

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Learn transfer techniques from POW! WOW! Co-Lead Director @kameahadar for the @hawaiianairlines Sharing Aloha series. Watch the entire video via @hawaiianairlines.

25 May 2020

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The work of @n_c_b.

24 May 2020