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Let’s all be part of the change. ⠀ ⠀ #UntilWeAllWin

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No matter what we’re up against, we are never too far down to come back. #YouCantStopUs ⠀ See link in bio to join us.

23 May 2020

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Today, we're not playing for a trophy. We're playing for something much bigger. #PlayForTheWorld

17 May 2020

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We may not be playing together, but we’ll keep moving forward—all 7.8 billion of us. #PlayForTheWorld

08 Apr 2020

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Now more than ever, we are one team.⠀ #playinside #playfortheworld

21 Mar 2020

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With love, Your Nike Family

15 Mar 2020

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⠀ ⠀ “I think it is really important for black women to see themselves in others. We need to start sharing our stories more. We need to find ways to support each other, talk about hair and running because my gosh it’s hard. And also celebrate each other.” - @j_nesi ⠀ The final episode of the Common Thread series with Uninterrupted highlights those who relentlessly go forward together, from the track to the streets. Celebrating the power of sport to create community, inclusivity and sisterhood, athletes @vashtizzle, Jasmine Nesi of @rungrlco, and @sahraisha of emphasize how our strides are united, moving through a marathon of collective progress. #BHM #UntilWeAllWin ⠀ 🗣️: Vashti Cunningham 🎥: @childotu

29 Feb 2020

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They wanted you to smile more. They wanted you to be more polite. They wanted you to scream a little softer. They wanted you to be less aggressive when you won. They wanted you to walk away when you made mistakes. But instead of just becoming the player the game wanted? You became the player it needed.

26 Feb 2020

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⠀ ⠀ (sound on)

24 Feb 2020

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⠀ ⠀ “My color doesn’t stop me from doing what I want to do. We’re all playing with the same ball, we’re playing with eleven players on each side. Football isn’t made for a certain person. Football is a universal language, anyone can play it.” - Debra Nelson ⠀ The second episode of the Common Thread series featuring Debra Nelson (@FootballBeyondBorders), @its_kairabaaa (@fcharlem) and @cdunn19 (@uswnt) focuses on sport’s ability to transcend borders and boundaries with something as simple as a ball and a goal. ⠀ 🗣️: Crystal Dunn 🎥: @childotu

21 Feb 2020

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⠀ ⠀ “Representation matters, and you can’t become something that you don’t see.” - @Ingridsilva ⠀ Together, a prodigy from Brazil who became the face of modern ballet, and a young dancer in Florida uplifting anyone who sees him move are united by a common thread. ⠀ The first episode of the Common Thread series focuses on representation in sport, with athletes Ingrid Silva and @alexanderrthomass showing the next generation what is possible when we believe our passions cannot be limited, and no barriers can hold us back. #UntilWeAllWin ⠀ 🗣️: @serenawilliams 🎥: @childotu

17 Feb 2020

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⠀ “It doesn’t matter if you’re in a wheelchair, in your 80s, or what race or gender you are. Everybody can play tennis.” - @dylanalcott ⠀ Dylan is more than a top tennis player. He has used his success on the court as a vehicle to challenge perceptions about disabled people and push for inclusivity universally. “If you have a body, you really are an athlete,” says Dylan. ⠀ This is how you change the game. #justdoit

10 Feb 2020

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The Future of Sport is here. #Nike2020 ⠀ Head to our link in bio to join us.

05 Feb 2020

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“At first, my abuela, she didn’t get it. ‘Dalia, it’s too rough for a girl. Your mom was a cheerleader – why don’t you be a cheerleader?’ Football is where I get my strength. Where I prove that nothing is off-limits. Where I can be whatever I want.” ⠀ Dalia Hurtado’s family had specific expectations of her: Work hard, get good grades, and follow in her mother’s footsteps as a cheerleader. But cheering on the sideline was never an option for Dalia. ⠀ As a kid in Mexico, she was the only girl who would play soccer with the boys, and after moving back to East LA with her abuela, she set her sights on football. At 16, she became the only girl to make the varsity team at her high school. Two years later, she’s inspired more girls to play football at her high school. ⠀ Through football, Dalia is re-writing the story her family wrote for her, breaking through stereotypes, and empowering her community to do the same – one game at a time.

02 Feb 2020

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Mamba forever. Our condolences to Kobe and Gianna's family and everyone involved in today’s tragedy.

26 Jan 2020