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@favorednations is a Non-Profit that donates 100% of the money you spend on our Limited-Edition Apparel, to the charity(s) you choose in support of COVID-19 Relief We are a community of people who Give A Shit about ourselves, each other, and the planet we are lucky enough to inhabit. It’s up to us, to save us. Together, we can take control of our future. Give A Shit. - Noah [Founder, Creative Director]


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I’ve been looking for a way to actually connect with you and finally found it. I’ll let you know when I’m in your city, when I get a new role, when a book I’m excited about comes out, when I can’t sleep and want to know who else is thinking about some crazy shit, When I learn something new, whenever. I’ll text you first. So hit my line +(561)-220-0860