The Embassy of Jordan in D.C. @jordanembassyus

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تود أسرة السفارة أن تتقدم إليكم بأجمل عبارات التهنئة والتبريك، بمناسبة حلول عيد الفطر السعيد، سائلين المولى عز وجلّ أن يعيده على الجميع باليمن والخير والبركة

24 May 2020

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إعلان هام للراغبين بالعودة إلى ⁧‫#الأردن‬⁩ من الطلبة أو من تقطّعت بهم السبل أو انتهت عقود عملهم في الخارج: . . . (١) اعتبارًا من الأحد ٢٤-٥ وحتى الأربعاء ٢٧-٥، على الأردنيين حاملي الأرقام الوطنية الراغبين بالعودة جوًّا أو برًّا أو بحرًا التسجيل عبر الرابط التالي، حتى إذا كانوا قد سجّلوا سابقًا، حيث أن الطلبات التي قدّمت في وقت سابق جميعها ملغاة: . . . (٢) على الراغبين بالعودة من أبناء الأردنيات وحاملي الجوازات الأردنية المؤقتة والمتزوجات من أردنيين والمتزوجين من أردنيات التسجيل من خلال التواصل مع سفارات المملكة في الخارج.

22 May 2020

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#happyholidays #happyholidays2019

23 Dec 2019

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#happyholidays #happyholidays2019

23 Dec 2019

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On International Day Commemorating Victims of Violence Based on Religion or Belief, we echo the enduring message of His Majesty on the importance of protecting religious minorities & we remember #victimsofpersecution of all faiths. In case you missed it watch his remarks:

22 Aug 2019

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The first phase of the “Amman Bus” Project will launch on June 30, says Mayor Yousef Shawarbeh. The project will expand the system to include 150 more buses & 34 new routes, & will allow fares to be paid through e-cards. Full article here:

27 Jun 2019

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Ambassador Kawar presented the CARE Humanitarian Action Award to Chef José Andrés on Tuesday. Chef Andrés is a world-class humanitarian who founded the World Central Kitchen, an organization committed to serving meals to disadvantaged communities worldwide.

12 Jun 2019

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من الاحتفالات التي عمّت محافظات المملكة بمناسبة عيد الجلوس الملكي العشرين . . ‏⁧‫#الأردن‬⁩ ‏⁧‫#وتستمر_المسيرة‬⁩ ‏⁧‫#عيد_الجلوس_الملكي‬⁩ ‏⁧‫#عشرينية‬⁩

10 Jun 2019

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Nationwide celebrations marking the 20th anniversary of His Majesty King Abdullah’s Accession to the Throne

10 Jun 2019

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The Embassy hosted research assistants and interns from the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, who were briefed by Ambassador Kawar on the Jordanian perspective regarding the developments in the region as well as the functions and objectives of the embassy.

24 May 2019

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Ambassador Kawar welcomed students from Appalachian State University led by Curtis Ryan, Renee Scherlen, and Ellen Key. The ambassador gave the visiting students a brief overview of the developments in the realm of gender equality in Jordan.

24 May 2019

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Ambassador Kawar delivered remarks at the advanced screening of Disney's Aladdin, which showcased the breathtaking landscapes and terrain of Jordan. Aladdin joins a host of other movies as an example of the strength of Jordan-US collaborations in the film industry.

24 May 2019

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Jordan’s Ambassador Kawar hosted a dinner discussion for members of the International Board of U.S/Middle East Project on the occasion of Ambassador William Burns’ new book release.

16 May 2019

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Today, the Embassy hosted a group from the American Foreign Service Association, the professional labor union of the United States Foreign Service. Jordanian diplomats briefed the participants on regional developments, bilateral relations, and topics pertaining to Jordan.

14 May 2019

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His Majesty King Abdullah II attended the 2019 King Abdullah II World Interfaith Harmony Week Prize ceremony, an annual ceremony celebrating efforts and achievements to promote interfaith harmony #Jordan

17 Apr 2019