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We are so pleased to have worked with @mixografia and enjoyed every step of the process. They have continuously pushed the boundaries of printmaking, developing their own unique style and aesthetic, something that has shown in each and every collaboration of which they have been a part. Please enjoy this video taking a look at the past 50 years of Mixografia and the amazing process behind their craft.


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Can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on. New project with pioneering printmaking studio @mixografia coming this week. Stay tuned.


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A look at the discussion we had with incredible artist @chemical_x_lab detailing his process and choice of medium. This and other conversations coming to our website soon. #chemicalx #awb #interview #artistinterview #popart


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We had the pleasure of sitting down with @chemical_x_lab on his last visit to L.A. and discussing his thoughts on medium, process, and more. Here’s a quick look at our conversation. Full video coming later in the week. #chemicalx #chemicalxart #art #fineart #awb #artwithoutboundaries #artistinterview #preview